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BryanAlexander First post from the Vermont governor's race blog-Web analysis, . Useful for information fluency?
about 1 hours ago | 6041 tweets from Bryan Alexander
Overshard My website gets a 97% on Google's speed tester. The only "problem" is my separated CSS for desktop and mobile. Nothing I can do about it.
about 2 hours ago | 4758 tweets from Isaac Bythewood


_augie Aggiorno twitter via cell passando da . Ce l'ho fatta. Viva!
about 2 hours ago | 6240 tweets from Vanni Sacchetti
AshTR What's the big deal with more apps requiring Android 2.1? Does the Twitter app, for instance, really need it that bad?
about 2 hours ago | 3601 tweets from Timothy
1god @rdublife would be interesting to track twitter/FB signups coming from new homepage. callout seems understated, but prob intentional?
about 3 hours ago | 5701 tweets from Mark Smithivas
Scobleizer Hey @davewiner here's why you are both wrong and right. Analysis of post hype storms of Twitter and Facebook
about 3 hours ago | 9697 tweets from Scobleizer

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